Feb 24, 2010

Mo's Dream Team Guest Designer Challenge

Well you may notice that the look of my blog has changed. I've been playing around with it to find something I like. I don't think I'm quite there yet but let me know what you think.

Tonight I did the card below for a challenge for Mo's Digital Pencil.

I love this stamp. She has such a sweet face. The stamp called "End of summer" reminds of just that. Oh how nice that sounds about now! This entry had to be made by tomorrow and tonight while leaving my daughters house, I slipped on the ice and scraped my right palm all to pieces. I am such a clutz. haha.

This card was a challenge for sure with an injured hand but I did the best I could do under the circumstances. If I hadn't procrastinated it wouldn't have happened. I would like to say "lesson learned" but I know I will procrastinate again. It's in my nature, right along with the clutziness I suppose.

This card was made with a digi stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil. http://http//digitalpenciltoo.com/

1 comment:

  1. Very Cute JJ! Your blog is looking very nice too!


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