Oct 20, 2010

A great game for the holiday

Ok.  This wasn't my idea but I thought it was really a cute one so I had to share.  I walked into work on Tuesday and found out I had been "spooked".  In other words, someone had left me a goodie bag along with a copy of a ghost and a nicely done letter explaining the game.
The letter tells you to display your copy of  the ghost somewhere where people can see (so they know you've been spooked).  In my case, I displayed it next to my name plate on my desk.  Then you bring in TWO treat bags the next day for two new people who haven't been spooked yet.
I thought this was a cute idea for work.  My co-worker told me that her neighborhood did this last year.  They used a similar concept but they would leave the goodies on the porch, ring the doorbell and run.   Ha.. how fun would that be!!!  Sounds like a game we used to play as a child (I won't get into those details.....LOL!)

The bag I used was a simple felt bag I purchased at Target for $1.  I filled it with some yummy candy but you could put in little Halloween toys, stickers... whatever.  I made a photo copy of the picture of the ghost I had been given... I'm pretty sure it was clipart but you could even draw a simple ghost.  I typed the letter and then put it on a piece of black cardstock and punched the corners out with a Martha Stewart bat corner punch I had.  The letter reads...

You Have Been Spooked!!
This bag is a treat, now for the trick.
Just make up two more halloween bags with some Halloween goodies. Add a copy of these instructions and a picture of the ghost..... then spook two friends.
Be sure to hang the original ghost picture in your workspace to show everyone that you have already been spooked.
Lets see how many people we can spook before Halloween.
Happy Haunting

I like this idea because you could alter it to fit a lot of different situations and even holidays for that matter.  You make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  I hope you like it.  If you play this game please share your ideas!

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