Jan 14, 2011

Kraftin Kimmie Birthday Card

My wonderful, beautiful and crafty Mom is having a birthday next week.  I have created a card for her that I think she will really enjoy, as she loves to sew.  I had surgery last week and knew I would be out of commission so I am ready for once... with the card anyway.... struggling with the gift... hmmm.

Well when I saw this stamp from Kraftin Kimmie I knew I had to have it for my Mother.  She makes cards as well and has a lot of friends who sew and quilt sooooo I think the stamp will be part of her gift then she can make wonderful cards to share with her crafty friends.  This stamp is called "Mona the Seamstress".

I knew I had to add some real stitching to this card and then added some buttons to go along with the theme.  I didn't really want to add too much, as the back ground is pretty busy.  I made her eyes blue (just like my Mom) and added some eyelashes (just because a girl's crafty doesn't mean she can't be cute!)  haha.  I can't wait for her to get this card. I hope she loves it as much as I loved making it for her.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you.  

I can't really do much right now with orders from my doc so I think I might find an image to color and use for "thank you's" for all the wonderful friends and amily who have been so extremely nice to me while I've been down and out.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Jan 3, 2011

Cat and Mouse

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Hope your first week of the new year is going great.  I always hate going back to work after a long weekend.  Yuck!  What a drag.  Oh well it pays the bills!

Today I am going to share with you, a card I made for my son's girlfriend.  She recently celebrated a birthday.  Happy Birthday Daryl!  She really loves her furry friends so I picked this cute digi image from Karen's Doodles called Cat and Mouse.  If you like digi images I would check out her website.  So many cute ones. 

I used my cuttlebug to emboss the bottom of the card and also used my Viva Decor pearl pen to make the pearls.  LOVE THOSE!  I used a little trick I learned from Suzanne J Dean.  I made my pearls with my pearl pen on a piece of wax paper and then let them dry.  When I was ready to use them I just peeled them off of the wax paper and used a glue dot to attach them to my page.  Worked like a charm!  Thank You Suzanne for your helpful tip. 

Have a great day.


Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe it is a new year.  The older I get the quicker they fly by.  So far this year we've had to get a new furnace and I've been sick.... again!  Woo Hoo way to ring it in!

Well one advantage to being a bit under the weather was that I didn't really do much.  I did babysit my beautiful grandbabies on New Years Eve.  Felt like poo so I'm sure I wasn't much fun to hang out with.  The rest of the weekend I just laid around and watched movies.  I watched a couple of really good ones that I would definately suggest.  The first movie is "The proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  I really enjoyed it and it actually had me laughing hysterically at a couple of points in the movie.  The second movie that I really enjoyed was Julie and Julia.  I thought this was an adorable movie.  I'm pretty sure they are both chick flicks but so what... who cares.

Don't you hate it when you find something on line but when you go to purchase it, the shipping costs more than the item itself?  Well I came across something I need to share with you.  It is a website that is awesome in my opinion.  The website is called Crop Chocolate.  Here's the thing.  They have deals.... and I mean really good deals, on scrapbooking goodies (of course).  They have several throughout the day so check often BUT here is what I think is really sweet about this chocolate.  You can put your items in their "la carte" and they will hold them there for up to 45 days.  This way you can try to get several items before shipping them.  By the way at just $60 worth of product the shipping is free. Check out their website HERE and don't forget to check it throughout the day because they offer several things every day.

I recently made a birthday card for my baby Sis.  I used a stamp from Elisabeth Bell called "Day Dreaming".  I used Flower Soft to make the flowers in the flower box look more real. 

The rhinestones I added were done with my new i-rock tool from Imaginisce.  I liked the tool and found it a bit awkward to work with at first but I will give it another shot for sure.

Well I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend but now it's back to reality.

Here's wishing a very happy new year to everyone.


Trick or Treaters

Hello!  Happy Thursday.  As mentioned in yesterday's post, I wanted to share the other two cards I created using the shadow techniq...