Sep 6, 2013

My attempt at a Slider Card

So I've seen a few slider cards lately and thought that I would like to give it a try.

 So I tried.... and I tried..........and I tried!  Lets just say it took me SEVERAL attempts.  It's a good thing I have a lot of patience!  I took photos during DIFFERENT stages, on DIFFERENT cards so you might notice that some of the papers in the tutorial are different than the paper on the finished product ha ha (I can laugh about it now).  However.......... Once I got the system figured out it really isn't too bad. 
I thought I would give you the method I used to create the card. If you decide to attempt one of these maybe it won't take you as many times to get it right :).
First let me give credit where credit is due:
.  The bee images are a digi stamp I got from the blog Cre8tive Hands.  This is an awesome site that has freebies all the time.  The cloud digi stamp was from True D Doodle. The paper was from K&Company. I used Copic markers to color the images and I used a little bit of Liquid Pearls on the bee images.  You might also notice that I used some vellum and paper pieced the wings. Paper Piecing was covered in a post back in March of 2012.  You can refer to that post if you want to know more about that technique. 

To make this card I followed these steps:
  1. I printed, inked and matted my images
  2. I used a 6x6 paper because I found that I needed more room for the slider.  This may not be the case for you if you use a smaller image. 

  • After you have the front of your card assembled you are ready to make the slider.  It will need to be shorter than the width of the card and it will need to be narrow enough so that it doesn't rub against the top of the card.  If the slider is right up next to the top of the card it will not slide back and forth as well. Each card will vary but just play around with it to make sure your message can be seen and that it still has room to slide back into the card.
  • Once the area is determined, cut a notch in your card. This is the scary part. You need to make sure the notch isn't too long or your image (in my case it was the clouds and bee) won't conceal it but long enough to allow your message to pull out. I outlined in pencil the area to be cut and tested it before cutting it out. I believe they have a punch to make this cut for you but I used an  Xacto knife and thought it worked fine.
  • once this is done, use a circle punch to punch a notch out of the left side of your card, where the slider will be held.
  • flip the card over and use adhesive around all four edges, leaving a gap where the slider will be.  It is important to get this adhesive right on the edge.  You will then glue a 6x6 piece of white paper to the back of your card which will enclose and hide the slider.
  • attach the slider image to the slider itself.  I used a pop dot.  The pop dot will also act as a "bumper" so to speak.  It will keep the image within the slit that you cut into your card and will keep it from sliding under it.

  • \
  • Well I hope this is helpful and not too confusing.  If you have any questions, place them in the comments section and I will get back to ya!

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