Nov 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Decor

Today I thought I would just post a few pictures of some things I have worked on around the house to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I love fall and the rich colors.

Here is a picture of my front entry and a close-up of the wreath I made last year using supplies from Hobby Lobby.

I have also been working on my mantel.  I struggle with decorating it because I have an arch pattern in the bricks which limits me on the height of things I can put on it.  If anyone has a suggestion I am ALL EARS.  I did get out my paint and paint some of my picture frames to brighten them up.  The one I have shown below was painted blue and then I used some metallic paint to highlight it with.  Here are the before and after shots. I know it needs something else but WHAT????  I am not quite sure what at this point.   I am shopping this weekend so who knows I may find something and re-do it completely. I can't decide if I like the pumpkins either.  I struggle with decorating lets face it haha.

We took our Grand Daughter Emma and I went on a nature walk last weekend and found a bunch of acorns and other various nuts. I spray painted them with glitter spray.  I'll use these as vase filler or something. I thought they came out pretty nice and it was a fun little adventure for her as well.

Well wish me luck on my shopping tomorrow. I'll let you know if I can find something exciting for that mantel!

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