Dec 24, 2013

Zigzag Afghan

So I finally finished my Zigzag Afghan and wanted to share it with you.

This was my first attempt and it was so easy. I crocheted this blanket however there are TONS of patterns on the web for crocheting and knitting.  I would suggest you look around because there are some really great plays with patterns and colors.  I knew I didn't want to use expensive yarn as this was my first attempt and also because I wanted something we could use a lot and wash often without having to dry clean.  I just used cheap yarn purchased at Wal-Mart.  This somewhat limited me to the colors I could use.
As I said, there are tons of free patterns out there but I can give you a quick description of how I made this one. The dimensions of mine are roughly 57" x 68". This will vary based on your crochet style and the number of rows you decide to make.
Hook size used for mine - I

Row 1 Chain  243

Row 2 SC in 2nd stitch from hook, * SC in each of the next 14 chains, 3 SC in next chain, SC in each of the next 14 chains, Skip 1 chain, repeat from * across ending with the skip one stitch, SC in last stitch, chain 1, turn your work over.

Row 3 work in the back loop of your stitches--SC in the first SC, Skip one SC,  * SC in each of the next 14 SC's, 3 SC's in the next SC, SC in each of the next 14 SC's, Skip 2 stitches, repeat from * across ending last repeat with skip one SC, SC in last stitch, chain 1, turn your work over.

Repeat Row 3 throughout, working 8 more rows in this color for a total of 10 before switching to a new color. Do this until you reach the desired length.
If you have any questions let me know.

Have a great Day!

Dec 18, 2013

Christmas in a Jar- Homemade Snow Globes

Just a last minute easy-to-do decorating idea for Christmas.
I had found some small Christmas tree's at Wal-mart, in the section with the small Christmas Village displays.  I think they were around $2.00 I purchased them and had the idea of making snow globes.
I glued the little tree inside of the jar lid using a waterproof adhesive.   At this point if you wanted to make the snow globe you could add some distilled water with a few drops of glycerin (not too much). Add some glitter and then make sure you place the lid on tight. Voila! you have a snow globe. I liked the way mine looked without the water so I decided to just keep mine as is.  

This would also make a great kid craft if you could find the right things to place inside.  Keep an eye out for any kind of ornament or small figurine that is waterproof.  Have fun!

Have a great day!


Dec 17, 2013

A Cupcake Thief!

I hope you are ready for Christmas because it's right around the corner. I have 3 more gifts to buy then I'm done.  I know what I need to pick up so it will be easy.  I think the biggest challenge for me is figuring out WHAT to buy.  I would stand in line and fight the crowds if I knew what I was fighting for!  I think I'll set myself a reminder to start getting some Christmas ideas for people in June LOL!  Hey I probably shouldn't laugh about that. I would probably need 6 months just to get my list together. 
I did a lot of shopping online this year.  What a time saver.  I spent an entire day at my computer BUT ---- I didn't have to fight the lines, I didn't have to waste gas AND most of my items were shipped for free.  LOVE IT.
I wanted to make a birthday card so I used another Mo's Digital image.  I think this little thief is adorable. 
I will be entering this card into the Mo's Challenge #213 - They always have so many great entry's. It's always a good shot of inspiration if you need it. If you want to head over there and take a peak, you can get to their website HERE.

I don't really remember all of the colors I used on this image but I can give you a good idea.
DRESS- YG21, YG23, YG 25
HAIR- I am not positive but I think I used, E43, E47, E49
YELLOW- Y13, Y15
I got the string of pearls in the ribbons section at Walmart and the background paper is Recollections Cupcake.

Have a great day!

Dec 5, 2013

Delicious Chicken Tostada Recipe

I tried a new recipe last night that was absolutely delicious. I love a recipe that is easy, quick and delicious. 

The recipe in the link calls for rotisserie chicken.  I had a couple of chicken breasts so I used those instead.  I poached them in a little bit of chicken broth. When the chicken was done I shredded the meat and prepared it as the recipe directed. I used the remainder of the poaching liquid as the broth required in the recipe.  We don't like really spicy food so I also halved the red pepper and the jalapeno. You can find the recipe HERE.  I hope you try this recipe and let me know what you think.

Trick or Treaters

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