Jan 8, 2014

Make A Special Valentine

Well believe it or not I am actually trying to get a head start on Valentines day.  I've ordered some stuff to make my cookies and I am trying to work on cards. Today I thought I would share a book that I made for my granddaughter. 

Quite some time back I bought a Cinch Machine.  I have been really wanting to try it out so I decided to make a small book. It can serve as a valentine card since I made the story about a Heart Princess. Emma is five and very much into anything that has to do with a princess, sparkles, fairies or HER LOL!  .... well you know, typical little girl.  As for the Cinch I have to say I love it.  It was pretty easy to use by following the directions.  I think you could make some pretty cool gifts with this thing.

Let me first say that I am no artist. I draw a little but eh... you know.  Well anyway I made this book and I made up a story about a girl who helps a fairy and in return for her kindness becomes a Heart Princess.  I put some work into it, but not a CRAZY amount because I wanted her to actually use the book and I figure it will get it's fair share of abuse.  I do think she will love it.

I used paper primarily from the DCWV paperstack called Once Upon A Time.  It is really a beautiful paper stack.  I bought this a long time ago to make a birthday card.  You can see that post called Princess and A Frog Card. I posted it on May 31st, 2011.

For the top picture I just drew a simple little girl shape and then made her into a fairy by cutting out some wings from Vellum.  I used a little bit of Stickles to give them some sparkle.  I don't really know what the background paper was. It was a scrap that is really old but I liked the colors and the large flowers which helped to make the fairy look small.  I embellished it with a few of my Prima flowers too.
For the second picture, I actually used a picture I had of Emma and I took it to the window and traced the outline so I could get the dimensions right and also so the facial features would resemble Emma. Since I'm not that great of an artist I figured this would help.  WOnce I had the basic shapes traced I took the paper off of the window and drew in the details.  When I was done with the drawing, I used a Sharpie Ultra Fine marker to make the lines really bold.  I erased the pencil and scanned the picture on my printer to save it to my computer. At this point I was able to use it like a digi stamp.  I sized it to the size need for my book.  I printed it on paper suitable for Copic coloring colored it in with my Copic markers.  I cut into the dress part with my craft knife and poked some lace through just to give it some dimension and I also added some pearls to her belt with one my Viva Pearl Pens.

On the last page I did draw a picture free hand.    I tried to use some of Emma's features and just make them more mature.  I only did this because a "grown up" Emma was needed to fit with my story.  I also had some free time on my hands as the kids were on Christmas break and I was at my daughters for the day.

I really had fun making this book.  I might attempt another book for my younger granddaughter. If I do I will post some pics on here but I am not sure I can get it done by Valentines day.  We will see!

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