Jan 17, 2014

Simple Stamping Technique Without Harsh Lines

I haven't had many posts lately.  My poor daughter has been sick with the flu.   Ugh!  I have been trying to help her out with the kids.  Well, it wasn't technically the flu.  According to her doctor it didn't test positive for the flu but is a virus that acts just like it.  She ran a fever for well over a week, 10 days I think.  Anyone who knows me,  knows that I am a little bit (alot) afraid of germs.  Let me tell you... I have sanitized her house and my hands more than anyone might think possible.  I am trying hard to keep me and the kids from getting this terrible thing. She is starting to feel better now yeah!

Tomorrow is my Mother's Birthday.  Of course I had to find time to make her a card.  This is a special birthday so I didn't want anything silly.  I decided to make a card that is simple and one that hopefully she will find elegant too.  I used a wooden stamp from Stampendous called Flower Field.  I believe I purchased this at Michaels. I used my Distress markers to color in the image right on the stamp block so that I could control where to lay my color. I didn't want to stamp it in black first because I didn't want the harsh lines. 

Use your markers to color in the image on the stamp itself. If the stamp is detailed this may take a while, so once all areas on the stamp are colored in,  you need to "huff" on the stamp.  Your warm breath will re-wet the ink.  Then stamp as usual.  This is a great technique for an image in which you don't want the harsh black lines. Give it a try!  If you have any questions just place a comment and I will try to answer them.

Have a great day!

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