Oct 3, 2014

Chalkboard Paint To Update An Old Piece of Furniture

I wanted to get a quick little post out today for a couple of reasons.  First of all I am trying to change the way my emails are being delivered for people who have subscribed to my post.  I have had SO MANY issues with the the way these were being handled.  I am hoping to get this resolved.  If something looks strange on this email, I apologize.  It's a real work in progress for me.

Ok,  now on to the fun stuff.  So--- I was giving you some quick things I did to spruce up around my place and I left out one one of my favorites!
We recently acquired this beautiful piece of furniture from my Mother-In-Law.  It was my husband's Great Grandfathers.  I love it.  It adds so much warmth and charm to our home.  The side of the hutch was once attached to some old cabinets many many years ago.  It was painted with what I was sure was lead paint.  I didn't really feel like tackling the whole lead paint issue and trying to figure out how to remove it safely.  The paint was old and ugly and I had company coming over!!  YIKES.

I found some chalkboard paint in the garage (image that).  I painted the side and then once it was dry I used a chalkboard marker to paint the "What to Buy" title.  Now I can use it to jot down my grocery list.  I use it all the time and I think it looks awesome.

Well as I said, this is a quick post.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment.
Have a great weekend.

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