Oct 10, 2014

Chocolate Truffles YUM!

My Daughter-In-Law recently had a birthday.  I put together a bunch of goodies to help her get ready for the chilly days ahead.  I bought her a pair of finger gloves, which is totally her style, a pair of cute cute earrings, some Chai Tea (her fave), some Cafe Mocha mixes and some homemade chocolate truffles.  I made a batch of these at Christmas time and she RaVeD about them so I thought I would make some special just for her.  I gotta say.... they really are DELISH!

This recipe is one I've used several times and it always turns out great.  I use a recipe from Ina Garten. You can find it HERE.  Make sure you read all instructions before you make them and to follow all directions carefully.  You wouldn't want to spend all that hard earned cash on the bestest chocolate, only to have it seize up on you.  Once the truffles are made, you can roll them into your favorite coating.  I have used a variety of things but some of my favorites are coconut, chopped hazelnuts, cocoa powder and powdered sugar.  Also, just a note about the way I made these.....I didn't add the liqueur called for in her recipe, so I added a dribble more of the strong coffee to compensate.

I placed my truffles in mini cupcake wrappers and then put them in a Martha Stewart window box. Martha Stewart has some great gift boxes for treats.  I found these at Michaels. It really makes a "sweet" gift (pun intended). 

I had a cute little box on hand that I re-purposed as a gift box for her gloves.  By adding a paper rose, I was able to cover up the label that was printed on the top of the box. If I receive a nice box I hate to discard it.  However I don't have a lot of space to store these things so I save only the really cool or nicely made ones. 
I didn't mention that I decorated a coffee mug using a Sharpie. This is such an easy thing to do as well.  There are all kinds of things you can do with this application.  I plan on putting together a tutorial soon for this but you can find Sharpie projects all over Pinterest.

Well I better get back to work on my Halloween cards. I hope you have a fantastic day! 

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