Oct 6, 2014

Handpainted Cowgirl Silhouette

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I think I have finally resolved my blog issues.... I think.     I apologize to my Gmail subscribers who might have received my last post twice.  Hopefully all will work properly with this email.

My Brother-In-Law asked me for a favor.  He had gotten an idea for something he wanted to put in at his lake house.  I was a little hesitant because I am not an artist! I didn't want to disappoint him with my lackluster abilities!  In the end, I caved.  His idea was just so darn creative I couldn't resist helping him out.  I know you've probably seen the black cowboy silhouette pieces that are attached to sides of barns, homes and fences.  Well....

I turned this.................................

into this.........................

Ha !   Isn't that funny?!! We didn't trim anything off of the original shape......... obviously, which accounts for her excess "up-top".  I think that's what makes her um, let's say "interesting".  

As I said, I'm not an artist and it's not perfect but I think he was pretty happy with the final result.   The cowboy silhouette is just ply board, so I painted her with acrylic paint and then sprayed two coats of polyurethane. I used one that is for outdoor use. I used the same brand that was used on my picnic table project a few posts back, except I used it in a spray.

So that little project is done and on to the next.  I am trying to get things checked off of my project list before the holiday's get here and you know they are right around the corner.

Have a wonderful day!!

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