Dec 10, 2014

Make Someone's Day Special

A Simple note can mean so much. It serves as a reminder that someone loves you and that they took time out of their day to let you know it.  My Granddaughter Emma gave me this one the other day.  She didn't make a big production out of it- She just wrote it down and handed it to me, "here you go" she said, "this one is for you".   It really wasn't a big deal to her but it melted my heart.  I hung it on my bulletin board and every time I walk by I feel such a joy in my heart.

She has a thing for Post It Notes or as she calls them  "sticky notes".
 When Grandpa came across a package of them the other day, he gave them to her.   She immediately sat down and wrote him a quick little note.....
how cute does it get?! 

 Do you want to make someone's day special? Place a note in their lunch box, leave a note on the counter for them to see after you've left, or write a message on the mirror in lipstick  for them to find in the morning. Trust me, even if you can't see it on their face, they are smiling on the inside.

I think that the old fashioned act of writing a note and sending it through the mail can have the same effect.  I recently created some thank you notes with some patterned paper and a printer.  no tools required other than some scissors.

I think they are simple and elegant

and the important thing, they were sent with love.

I hope you get a special note today in your mailbox, your lunch box or even on a stigy note! 

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