Sep 20, 2017

Fishing Days

Today I was clearing through some things and getting some of my pictures in order.  I came across a card I had made back in March for my sons birthday.

I wasn't really posting on my blog at the time and I had forgotten about it.  When I was making this card I was really trying to work on background techniques.

This cute guy is a digital stamp from Sassy Cheryl's.  I LOVE her images.  This is a really old image and I don't believe it's even available any more however if you are looking for a "fishing style" image she has many new one's to choose from.  
Because I found this card in the archives I don't have the Copic colors used to create it.  I can tell you that the boy was colored with copies and the background was done with chalks and colored pencils.  The little puddle was done with Copic and then I used my white gel pen to highlight it and then a little Glossy Accents on it to make it look wet.

I really like creating backgrounds on the card that the image is printed on.  I've been trying to build up my courage to do it more often.  I'm always afraid I am going to work forever coloring my image and then mess it up when I try to do the background.  And sometimes I do!
Sandy Allnock is a pro at creating backgrounds on her cards.  She has a great Youtube channel and blog with lots of information.  She has inspired me to try backgrounds more often.  I've been practicing!!

Have an Amazing day!

Sep 17, 2017

Craft Room Re-do

I recently decided to move my craft room to a different room in my house.  This turned out to be quite a job.

I live in an earth contact, so two of the 4 bedrooms in our house are in the back part and have no windows.  My craft room used to be in one of those rooms.  It was a larger room room but lacked natural light.  You can see pictures of my old craft room space here.

I decided I wanted to turn the larger room (without windows) into a TV/play room for the grandkids, and move my craft room into the smaller room so I would have windows.   I do miss having more work area but haven't regretted the change because I LOVE the natural light.  It's been a challenge trying to find a way to get all my stuff in the smaller room.  After months of trying, I think I have come up with a solution that will be a winner.

I bought an old dresser off of a local "swap and shop".  I painted it with chalk paint and gave it some updated hardware.  Being almost 50 years old, its built with solid wood. As a bonus, two of the drawers have dividers, which is so nice for what I'm using it for.  I think it turned out great.  I am really happy with the outcome.

I though I would share some of the other areas in my room, since it's clean for the moment!

This is my desk where I do most of my marker work.  First I want to talk about the wine racks you see hanging on the wall.  I put all of my Copic markers in these and I love the way it looks and functions.  I saw the idea on Pinterest.  The pinner said she got her wine racks at Target but I couldn't find them there so I got these on Amazon. I think I would like them to be hung closer together but after moving things around several times, my husband was OVER IT, if you know what I mean lol.                                                                  I also updated my chair.  I used to have a stool but I got this chair for a steal at TJ Maxx.  It's comfortable, has the ability to roll,  and I like the way it looks.   

We moved the light from my old craft room into this new room.

The craft shelf was also moved.  Most of the storage containers on the shelf are made from repurposed items.  The pencils at the top of this shelf are in a container that a candle came in.  I am getting two more of these to make a matching set. When it sits on the shelf you don't see the label, but honestly the label doesn't bother me.

The glass jars are repurposed candle jars.  I know the jars on the bottom were purchased at Walmart.  I got them a long time ago so I'm not sure if they still have this style of jar.  Once the candle was gone, I just cleaned out the left over wax with very hot water then ran them through the dishwasher.  

In the picture below I repurposed a Target spice jar, Market Pantry brand.  I use these for smaller items like sequins, googly eyes etc.
My distress markers
are in a repurposed peanut can.  I painted it with gold spray paint and then measured and cut scrapbook paper to wrap around the can.

I bought this little galvanized tray at a flea market.  I've painted it to match my room.  I love the way it looks but quite honestly it doesn't really work. It's too long and takes up too much room on my table.  I think at some point, I am going to sell the tray or find a way to hang it on the wall and get something like this tiered stand from Kirklands to sit on my desk.  I just want to see how much I really need it since it's $50 and I'm on a budget.

Now last I thought I would show you my closet. It's only half as big as the one in my old craft room.   Its not pretty but it is organized.  Making this "pretty" will be another project for another day.

Thanks for letting me show off my latest work I've done here in my craft room.  I hope you've gotten some ideas, or inspiration.  
Have an amazing day.

Mar 27, 2017

DIY Body Butter

So yesterday I had a little spare time and I needed to make a batch of my favorite body butter so I decided to put together a series of pics and instructions on how I make MY DIY Body Butter.

This is MY favorite recipe.  There are tons of recipes on the web. You may have to try a few to find the one that you love, or make some tweaks.  but I encourage you to keep at it until you find the recipe you love. That's how I actually got this recipe, I started with one I got from a friend and made changes to fit my liking.

This is a wonderful moisturizing lotion.  It melts into an oil once it is applied to your body but soaks in rather nicely.   I like to use it before bed.  I started using this recipe last fall and this is the first winter in a looooong time that I haven't had cracked dry heals.

Here are the list of ingredients:
1/4 Cup Cocoa Butter
1/4 Cup Shea Butter
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup Almond Oil
10 Drops Vitamin E Oil
7-10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil ( I use Young Living)
7-10 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil (I use Young Living)
2 Tablespoons Corn Starch

Directions- First I create a double boiler by placing a metal bowl into a pan that has a little bit of water in it.  I make sure the water is not touching the bottom of the bowl once it is placed on top.  Bring the water to a boil to heat the bowl and place the ingredients above into the bowl (up to the Almond Oil).  Remove the pan from the heat and sit it aside to wait for your ingredients to melt slowly.  You do not want the temperature to get too hot.

Once all ingredients are melted remove the bowl and allow it to begin cooling.  Once the bottom of the bowl is cool to the touch, I usually place the bowl into the freezer for a few minutes to speed up the process.  Remove it from the freezer when it looks like this:

It will be just beginning to harden around the edges of the bowl.  At this point you will want to add the rest of the ingredients.  and mix them together.  I use either a hand mixer or a stand mixer.

I used a hand mixer for this batch.
once the ingredients have been combined place the bowl back into the freezer until the mixture is more solid but not so much that it has become hard.  At this point you will want to begin mixing.  This is where a stand mixer is nice because the more you mix, the fluffier it will become.  
mix......... mix................. mix until you get it nice and fluffy.   This will take a while.  Put it into a container that has a lid.  It will be a little soft at first because it is a little warm from all of the mixing but it will stiffen up once it has cooled back down to room temperature.   I like to put mine in a small glass container and give them as gifts but you can use anything you may have around the house too. I found this glass container at TJ Maxx for next to nothing.  I really hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  If you have any questions let me know!

Feb 26, 2017

Delicious Philly Cheese Steak--A Super Easy Weeknight Meal

TodayI want to share a Pinterest Success story. Yeah me!

I found a Crock Pot recipe for Philly Cheese Steak that is so delicious and so easy, I just had to write a quick post and share it.

Click on this link to find the recipe-  Mom on Time Out.  

My husband couldn't get enough. I mean it was "melt in your mouth" good.   We will definitely make this again and again.

I found some super thinly sliced round steak to use in this recipe which made it even easier.  After cooking in the crock pot, it was so tender and delicious. 

I strayed from the recipe just a tad ( which is pretty normal for me).  First of all, I poured the stock into the crockpot and realized it was chicken stock and not the beef stock that was called for, so I threw in a couple of beef bouillon cubes and hoped for the best. Second, I had forgotten to buy Provolone cheese so I used Monterey Jack.  Third, I decided to put some butter on the buns before placing the in the oven.

This would be a great week night recipe because it was so fast and easy.  I hope you give it a try!

Have an amazing day.

Jan 15, 2017


Well it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog!  I just don't find the time now that I work.  I was inside all weekend due to the impending ice storm.  I decided to put my time to good use and get some valentines done. I love to craft on rainy days.

I'll try to get most of the cards posted that I got done today. I'm being lazy and using my new iPhone to capture these images.  I know it's not quite the quality as when I use my camera with the proper lighting and all, but I am rarely here during daylight hours and I don't want to pull out my tent and lights etc.  I'm just going to make this work ha ha.

The first card I created is a digital image from the blog Fred She Said.
This is a pretty old image called Nolan's Monster.
The digital image is NOT a valentine.  It is just the monster, holding a stick with the leaf on it.  I try to think outside the box when I get ready to make a card.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck.

Here's how I made my card.  I used an embossing folder to create the heart background.  After I colored and cut out the monster, I positioned him on the card so that it looks like his stick is at the bottom of one of the background hearts.  I colored in that heart with my R27 Copic marker, I then added a bit of clear Wink of Stella and some Diamond Glaze on top of the heart to give it a shimmer, like a balloon.  I added some googly eyes to the monster to make him extra cute.  Copic colors used for the monster are:  B23, B21, B32, YG05, YG23 & YG25, BV20 & BV23.  I used my white Prismacolor pencil to highlight some of the areas and to add some little dots to the monster.  I think he turned out pretty cute! It's been a while since I've had to time to color, so I definitely feel out of practice but I hope you enjoyed what you saw here today. Maybe I'll have more time to craft in 2017. 

I appreciate you visiting my blog.  Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you.  

 I hope you have an amazing day.

Dec 24, 2015

Technique Junkies Sweetheart Card

Today I'm sharing a card that I made for the Technique Junkies Design Blog.

I know, I know. We don't even have Christmas out of the way and I'm already thinking ahead to Valentines Day.  Hey, it pays to think ahead sometimes.  

This Card was made using Sweetheart Pillow Ticking and I Love You stamp SDX033.
This card is pretty straight forward but thinking ahead, though it could be a real cute card for Valentines Day.  I stamped the background stamp on white card stock and embossed in gold.  I matted it with a coral pink paper.  Next I stamped the sentiment in black matted it on the same coral paper as well.  

The card turned out very pretty.  The color didn't quite come through in the photo but of course you could do this in any color you like.  

Marry Christmas to you and yours!

Dec 17, 2015

Countdown to Christmas

Well Christmas is almost here. I thought I would post one last Christmas card.

Today I used the stamp called Ornament from Technique Junkies.

I started by using a Cuttlebug folder to emboss the background of the card.  Next I stamped and embossed the ornament in white on a piece of purple cardstock.  I used a distress tool, to distress around the edges of the purple paper and then matted that on a piece of white cardstock and then again on a piece of silver metallic paper.  I used some craft foam to mount the ornament onto the background.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my card for the day.

Have a great rest of your week.


Dec 10, 2015

Bee My Honey

Happy Thursday.  I had a wonderful, busy, crazy weekend.  I have most of my Christmas shopping done, which is a bit of a holiday miracle for me.  Just a few small gifts left to  get and I will be done.  I do have a lot of baking to do however. I'm hoping I can get that done in time.

Today I wanted to share the card I made for the Technique Junkies Design Team.

Today I used the stamp set called Bee Quotes.  I used the bee from the stamp and stamped it randomly all over the white piece and then embossed in black.  I chose the sentiment from the set Bee My Honey and embossed it in black as well. 
Have a Beautiful day!


Dec 3, 2015

Be Believe Become

Happy Thursday
Today I'm sharing a card made using stamps from Technique Junkies.

I've had this pink and green ribbon for a while and wanted to use some of it up.  I had a LOT! I've used this ribbon several times but I'm still trying to get rid of it for some reason..... could it be multiplying?!

Ah well any way I had the ribbon so I therefore had a color scheme to work with.  I chose a bright pink stamp pad to match the ribbon.  I used a piece of paper to mask the top section off at an angle. The background I chose for the bottom portion of the card is Small Poppies.  Next I stamped the sentiment stamp called Be Believe Become on the same angle just above the poppies and then divided them with the ribbon.
I decided to matt the card with a lime green paper to match the green in the ribbon and then I took a lime green pencil and colored in just a little on each center of the flowers.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I hope it is amazing!


Nov 26, 2015

Let It Bee

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Today I will keep my post short so you can enjoy family and friends.

I have created another card for the Technique Junkies Design Blog. The card below was made using stamps from the set called Bee Quotes.

To make this card I first ran a piece of white card stock through my Cuttle Bug with the embossing folder called Honeycomb.  Then I ran a dotted turquoise paper through the Cuttle Bug using the same embossing folder.  I used the outline on the patterned paper as a guide and cut out about nine of the honeycomb shapes.  I randomly placed those on my white paper and glued them down.  Next I used the bee from the stamp set and stamped it on a piece of vellum using Archival Ink. I fussy cut the bee out and then put it on the yellow patterned paper and pop dotted that piece onto the card front.  Using one of the many quotes from this stamp, I stamped Let It Be and cut it out with a label die and placed it on the card. I chose a dark Turquoise Blue card stock to matt the card.

Have a Wonderful Day

Nov 20, 2015

So Thankful

I recently celebrated a birthday, so today I thought I would share the thank you cards I created. I will give these cards to all of the awesome people who gave me birthday gifts.

I am a huge fan of using up my scrap paper. If you follow my blog you may remember several cards in the past that I have created with this purpose in mind. Today's card will be yet another idea on that subject!

I found papers in my stash that coordinated in color and just simply cut them in squares.  I think the size of these were 1 1/2 inches.  I placed the squares on my card front at an angle.

for the sentiment I found a stamp that I thought would be so fitting with the upcoming holiday.  

I hope you have enjoyed my card today.

Have an amazing day


Fishing Days

Today I was clearing through some things and getting some of my pictures in order.  I came across a card I had made back in March for my son...