Mar 25, 2014

Using Pastels

Today I made a card for the challenge going on over at a A Day for Daisies blog.  The challenge is to make a card using pastels. Well this led me to ask the question.... what actually qualifies as a "pastel"?


noun \pas-ˈtel\
: a type of chalk made from a powdery substance that is used for drawing and comes in many different colors
: a drawing that is done using pastels
: a pale or light color

Well that was helpful :/  I mean if you look at your spectrum of colors, at what point does it become pastel?  I am probably thinking too hard about it because as I sit here in my workout clothes, the longer I ponder the question, the less likely I am to get to the gym today. That being said I better just get on with it.

When I was making this card I realized that I really need to work on coloring with pastel colors.  That's why I love these challenges.  They force you out of your comfort zone.  I used my Copic markers but as an afterthought, I think I might try this card again on some watercolor paper and try my hand at coloring her dress using some of my water color pencils. You could also use distress markers and water them down too.  I purchased some of the Tim Holtz distress markers and have to say I've been quite disappointed.  I have only used them once and most seem to by dried up.  Wow that was a waste of money.  I'm glad I didn't invest in more of them, I'm not really sure if I got an old package or what.  I don't know that I would purchase them again because they cannot be refilled according to what I've read.
This card is being entered into Challenge #92-Pretty Pastels.  Click HERE to check out their stamps, challenges and also to get some great inspiration.

Well I really need to get to the gym. If I get a chance to try this stamp with water color pencils I will post it as well. 

Have a great day.


  1. Your card is gorgeous! And you are totally right about distress markers. Or I got an old package as well. :)
    Beautiful coloring and design, Jerri...

  2. Sanja, Thank You! I really appreciate the comment. I hopped over to your blog and your work is amazing. I will leave a comment on there as well. Thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one unhappy with my distress markers. Do you do most of your work with Copics?


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