Feb 10, 2015

Valentine Magnets

Are you looking for a quick and easy craft to share with little ones?  Well this one is about as easy as it gets.  I got the idea off of Pinterest (where else??), and traced it back to an awesome Facebook page (for anyone with children). 

 I am always looking for ways to entertain my grandbabies so this page will get a big fat "LIKE" from me. The name of the page is called Wait Til Your Father Gets Home (how cute is that?!) Check it out, I think you will love it.

I wanted the kids to make a little Valentine for their sweetie (aka Mom).  I purchased some polymer clay at Michael's.  I chose the Craftsmart brand for just a couple of bucks.  Here is how we did it!

1.  Have the kids shape the clay into a flat circle or disc shape.
2.  Next, using their thumb, have them make two prints creating the shape of a heart.
3.  Bake according to directions on the package.  I think these were baked at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.  You should read your package in case it varies.
4.  When cool, paint thumbprints with red paint.  
5. Write the child's name and date with a fine point Sharpie
6.  Glue a magnet to the back of the shape with a strong bond glue.

This was so super easy and I think the results were awesome.  We had it done and cleaned up in less than 30 minutes.  Now that's my kind of craft!

Have a fantastic day! 

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